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Bituminous coal creolin without phenol

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Packaging TypePrice in USD ($)Unit of MeasureIncoterms (2010)
Barrels 200 kg 5,50 $ for 1 kg FCA
Cans 21,5 kg 5,80 $ for 1 kg FCA
Packing 0,5; 1,0 kg 7.20 $ for 1 kg FCA
Vials 0,1 kg 1.35 $ for 1 kg FCA

Bituminous coal creolin without phenol - is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in ases of psoroptes of sheep and goats; for the prevention of foot rot in sheep, goats and necrobacillosis in great cattle.


Manufacturer: JSC factory "Veterinary medicines"
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