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Welcome to the official site of
Joint-stock company factory "Veterinary medicines"

Factory "Veterinary medicines" is specialized on medicinal product for animal use production. Today, our factory can offer our clients about 40 types of different preparations for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases.

All products have passed state registration and have been certified to all Russian quality standards. Factory "Veterinary Medicines" itself has the necessary licenses to perform the production and pharmaceutical activity, including sales and realization through the retail network.

Nowadays the company's core staff has many years of successful operating experience. All our employees are professionals and have a higher education in the area of specialization. Moreover, we have a number of academic consultants and professors, which ensure quality and working standards diligently as well as maintain contacts with many research institutions constantly. This cooperation helps us to explore new production methods in a short space of time, and to test the already existing veterinary preparations, and to receive the necessary conclusions and certification.

The Factory meets all production standards. Many of production stages have already been transformed this year and they are able to compete with the leading European pharmaceutical companies. Strict quality control is exercised at every stage of producing, and the oversight bodies collects detailed statistical data, which allows us to maintain the highest degree of reputation on the veterinary market.

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