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Руководитель завода

Mikhail Lvovich Yakhaev
is the CEO
of Joint-stock company
factory «Veterinary medicines»

Mikhail Yakhaev was born in the town of Gus-Khrustalny. Having been a military pilot, he has a higher military education. He resigned during the economical breakdown of the country period, when the aviators received the fuel to make just two training flight in a month.

He came back to Gus-Khrustalny to start a civil life. He began his work for the factory in 1997 in the Supples Department. He immediately entered Vladimir State University and graduated it with honors diploma in Economy and Business Management in 2000.

Increasing his qualifications at field seminars, he was studying based marketing understanding that the factory doesn't have any chances to compete in the market without reforming of old marketing mechanisms. Sales and Marketing Department was found at Mikhail Yakhaev's suggestion. He headed it until being appointed to the position of the Deputy Director General. With the arrival of Mikhail Yakhaev to the factory, sports life of the company immediately resumed. Sports uniform, equipment are bought, young people are involved in football, volleyball, and tennis. Being an example of healthy lifestyle, Mikhail Yakhaev is a player of the factory's volleyball team, which took high places in town and regional competitions.

Morale, precision, and responsibility received during a military service, and second higher education helped Mikhail Lvovich to establish himself as a manager - in 2008, he was elected the Company’s CEO. Mikhail Lvovich is not aimed to have honorary titles, he doesn't write doctoral theses believing that this is the task of specialists. Mikhail Lvovich encourages them to pursue their studies at the postgraduate level, and to upgrade the skills. He is fully occupied with work and production. His life slogan - stability in everything. He is encouraged by high valuation at prestigious exhibitions, prompt payment to budget and for staff, constancy of partners, new developments, and projects.

Mikhail Lvovich keeps an open mind - much more needs to be done to have the production competitive and be on par with foreign analogs. In the long term the question of expanding the scope of iodine-based preparations usage and product range by using more efficient antibiotics and antimicrobial medications is analyzed.

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