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МазиJoint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines» produces sufficiently large range of such ointmests for animals: Pichtoin, "Yam BK", antiseptcal emulsion, 10% Ichtyol ointment, 2% Salicylic ointment, Simple sulfur ointment, Sulfur and coal tar ointment, 10% Camphor ointment, 10% Streptocidal ointment, 3% Tetracycline ointment, 10% Zinc intment, Synthomycin liniment 10%, ointment Yahalimp.

Authored by: Management of the factory
(Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines», Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region)

We are certain that many veterinary specialists are familiar with our branded ointments. The ointments are:Pichtoin, "Yam BK", antiseptcal emulsion for the treatment of udder teats. The factory produces them for more than 40 years. These ointments hold an amount of prestige and are high-demanded. The factory haven't received any reclamations and complaints for the ointments as well as for other production.

The ointments produced by our factory have been tested and perfected over the years. Their healing and preventive action is undoubtedly high. On the other hand, ointments with the same name, but, mildly speaking, with dubious content, are represented on our market by dishonest producers. These ointments are doubtful. Beware of imitations!

The factory continues to develop and launch new branded ointments. Branded fir needle oil-based ointment Yahalimp has worked well, moreover, the practitioners have expanded the range of its usage by experiments. For example, the ointment has been used in treatment of ear diseases and mastitis except the cases provided in the directions (wounds, eczema, bursitis). The ointment Pichtoinis successfully used for treatment of eczema and burns of people for years.

And it is not surprising, many ointments contain natural origin ingredients such as: beeswax, pine gum, lanolin, tar oil, turpentine, lysol, sulfur, chalk, fir needle oil and some other.

The factory gained a significant experience in complex ointments realization, high quality raw materials suppliers selection and optimized production technology. The factory produces ointments with sufficiently complex content. For example, ointment "Yam BK"contains nine components, moreover, they are not just mixing in fixed sequence, metaphorically speaking, the ointment is "boiling".

Our equipment used for ointment producing conforms to conducted technological procedures and is monitored by metrological service annually. Rotary-pulsation machines and ultrasonic reactors were additionally installed as an equipment to obtain ointments confirming to the international standards.

Strict input control of raw materials, finished products control including microbiological test are implemented.

Our products received a very high quality, efficiency and harmlessness evaluation on the Russian market. Regarding the price, it is reasonable and real. On the basis of the above-mentioned and the fact that we never correct the recipe for the purpose of cost reduction, for example, during the producing process, we never replace lanolin by cheaper vaseline etc.

We have patents on such ointments as Pichtoin, "Yam BK", antiseptcal emulsion. We have received patents on "producing process", as technological producing procedures are approved and perfect as an inventions.

Each product line undergoes the technical specifications conformity test. Poor quality products realization at our company is excluded.

All the production of our factory is attested, registered, and certified. Buying the ointments produced on our factory, you receive 100% guarantee of quality and protect yourself against imitations by dishonest producers.

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