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Extermination of rats medication "Racusid"

Средство от грызунов Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines», town of Gus-Khrustalny

Deratization is a war, which is inevitable for each agricultural or animal-breeding company. Sometimes rat extermination becomes the panacea thereof most of deratization means either turned old or not deadly enough for contemporary kinds of rats.

Authored by: I.M. Iakhaev, Y.S. Vavilov
(Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines», Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region)

Deratization at the factory

Rat extermination at the place of production is not a new problem. However, this issue is still important, because a rat is where a food is, and where a rat is, there is cruel struggle for food products. Human created uncountable number of ways to exterminate rats. From cat training to all kinds of electronic repellers. Which way to choose exactly for your company is up only to you.

Building on Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines»'s many years of experience and experience of its clients, the factory concluded that the most correct option for deratization is rat extermination. That is the purpose of rats extermination medication "Racusid".

About the preparation "Racusid"

Racusid is used for the extermination of rats and mice in veterinary surveillance premises. It is a grain bait, which contains kumatetralil as the active ingredient, and refined or granulated sugar, water, grain mix as auxiliary ingredients. Racusid is produced packaged in double hermetically sealed packets of polyethylene film 1 kg each or bags made of paper with plastic coating 10 packets in each (10 kg). The shelf life of Racusid is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Kumatetralil, which is part of Racusid, belongs to the second generation of rodenticides, combining the properties of anticoagulants and cumulative poisons. When eating bait for one or two days, mice and rats receive a lethal dose of kumatetralil causing inhibition of the prothrombin synthesis in the liver, reduction of blood clotting, development of the porosity of the peripheral blood vessels and bleeding diathesis, leading to the death of rodents on 5th-9th day.

Classes of exterminated rodents and usage procedure

Racusid is used for the extermination of following classes of rodents:

Gray rats Black rats
Gray rats Black rats
House mice Voles
House mice Voles

"Racusid" has been being produced by Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines» since 2011 and according to our customers, has proved to be high quality and reliable extermination of most species of rodents mean. Racusid is used in animal- and poultry-breeding farms and other objects of veterinary surveillance

Racusid is placed on the objects populated by rodents out of the reach of pets, unauthorized persons. 150 to 300 g of Racusid is placed in each bait point for the extermination of rats; and 50-70 g are for the extermination of mice.

Upon completion of the work, the remains of bait and Racusid bags are collected and disposed of.

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