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A way to use Monochloride Iodine for disinfection

A way to use Monochloride Iodine for disinfectionJoint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines», Gus-Khrustalny.

For a long period of usage, Monochloride Iodine securely achieved a fixed position in the disinfection preparations market. Increasingly greater number of veterinarians gives preference in favor of the Russian preparation. Its benefits difficult to overestimate: it is cheap, simple to use, enough cost-effective, and, more importantly, very effective.

Authored by: M.L. Iakhaev, Y.S. Vavilov
(Joint-stock company factory «Veterinary medicines», Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region)

The principle of exothermic subliming of iodine aluminum and chlorine aluminum vapors that come from the chemical reaction of the preparation and aluminum is a basic one. In doing so, aluminum can be presented in radically different forms: powder, wire, chip and so on.

Glass or enameled wares with a capacity of at least 3 liters are used for treatment of premises. One container's volume is estimated to be 500 square meters. They are hung or set in the premises by same distance as well as from walls and other barriers. If the wares are hung, that the height shouldbe 1 - 1.5 m.

The wares are filled with the preparation at the rate of 3 ml / m3 and aluminum is added. Aluminum dosage amounts 50 grams per 1 liter of Monochloride Iodine. The exothermic reaction begins after 1-2 minutes and lasts around 10 minutes, depending on the purity of used substances and the environmental temperature. The exposure from the beginning of the vapor releasing reaction lasts for approximately 35 minutes.

It is usual to carried out this treatment for 3-4 times with a 3-4-days interval.

Also it is possible to use the preparation by atomizing irrigation in worst cases of following diseases:

  • Africanswinefever;
  • anthrax;
  • infectiousatrophicrhinitis;
  • swineerysipelas;
  • viralhepatitisinducklings;
  • footandmouthdisease;
  • infectious enterotoxemia and bradsote of sheep;
  • avianandanimaltuberculosis;
  • avian respiratory mycoplasmosis and salmonellosis;
  • rabbitandaviancoccidiosis;
  • equine parascaridosis and swine ascariasis;
  • strongylatosisandstrongyloidosis;
  • infectiousdiseasesinsilkworms.

It may be concluded, therefore, that Monochloride Iodine is almost indispensable for prevention and treatment of wide range of diseases. To ensure the comfortable usage, it is recommended to treat metal equipment separately from the surfaces processed with the preparation having been dissolved in triethyleneglycol in a ratio of 1:9.

In addition to the precious disinfecting properties, triethyleneglycol is able to bind microbial dust, which even after full premises drying doesn't lift in the air.

Our factory also produces already ready-to-use solution of Monochloride Iodine and triethyleneglycol. The solution is called "Okhlasan".

No incompatibility of Monochloride Iodine with other agents has been identified.

Animal products can be used without any restrictions after the application of Monochloride Iodine.

About MonochlorideIodine

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