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Iodtriethylenglicolum ®

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Packaging TypePrice in USD ($)Unit of MeasureIncoterms (2010)
Cans 3,0 kg 7.80 $ for 1 kg FCA

Iodtriethylenglicolum - A belongs to the antiseptics group, produces an antibacterial effect on Gram-negative and Gram-positive organisms, including pathogens of colibacillosis, salmonellosis, avian streptococcosis, staphylococcal infections, pasteurellosis, Glasser’s disease, APP, swine mycoplasmosis; an antiviral effect, including that on pathogens of infectious avian laryngotracheitis and infectious avian bronchitis, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, transmissible swine gastroenteritis, Aujeszky's disease, an antifungal effect, including that on pathogens of avian aspergillosis.

Manufacturer: JSC factory "Veterinary medicines"
Weight: 3 Kg
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